Laura Antoniou – Musclebound

Author: Laura Antoniou
Publisher: Renaissance E Books
Word Count: 49,899
Published: 2011
Fictionwise: $5.99

I finished this book a day or two ago, and literally was FUMING throughout – so much so, that I made myself take a cooling off day before writing this review. That being said, I did force myself to finish it to try and figure out the point of the book. Before getting into the review itself, I have to say that I am floored that anyone would dare publish this book – yes, I firmly believe in freedom of speech, but this tale of sexual abuse without conscience (among many other missing pieces), is what perpetuates stereotypes and damages progress. Just saying.

This story was only about sex (sorry, ABUSE) – the plot was not developed, nor was there depth in the characters – which was surprising, as at the beginning, you could see some depth trying to be painted. Unfortunately, that’s where the development ended – and in fact, the character that was discussed, did not end up “coming to life.” There were brief flashes of a consensual relationship between two characters, but even that was peppered with abuse. The characters were not relate-able, the setting was not appeasing, and there was nothing to really grab onto (unless, of course, you enjoy reading about long-ongoing abuse…).

Out of four…
Overall Read: (zeroes if I could)
Sex Heat:

I do not recommend this read for… ANYONE. And furthermore, I will never be purchasing another eBook from this publisher.