He Completes Me – Cardeno C.

Author: Cardeno C.
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Word Count: 92,511
Published: 2011
Fictionwise: $6.99

Zach reluctantly makes his way back to his hometown following his mother’s death. He hasn’t been in contact with his family since graduating high school. His memories about his family and his home town, are anything but pleasant. When he arrives, he wants to be sure that no one forgets just how “gay” he is – so he dresses and acts outrageous in defiance. But just as soon as he’s ready to denounce everything and everyone again, he meets his brother’s best friend, Aaron – and their instant attraction takes them both by surprise. What happens between them, is anything but easy – but hopefully worth the struggle.

I absolutely loved this book – it was my first time reading Cardeno C, and I am upset it has taken me so long. This story was well written, easy to read, but most of all – it was based in reality. The characters felt like real people – they had jobs, responsibilities, true internal struggles, and hurt emotions. These things weren’t cast aside or quickly wrapped up, just because there was a love story to take place – and I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s nice to read something lightly based in reality, but this was a refreshing gritty change of pace. I wasn’t able to put it down, and in fact read it in one go. There were several struggles throughout – being ok with yourself; getting over or better understanding things that happened as children (overcoming abuse and the guilt associated with it); building relationships in the here and now; choosing sides within a family; and being open to accept and give love unconditionally.

The sex was HOT. The first interaction was sizzling and occurred early on – just a sign of things to come. The sex was “making love” from the very first encounter, which just added to the interactions and struggles, making their coming together even hotter. There were a lot of different types of sexual interactions as well – in a bathroom stall, phone sex, and so on – great variety and true to the situation.

Out of four…
Overall Read: ♥♥
Sex Heat:
Plot: ♥♥♥♥

This is a great read and I definitely recommend it to just about anyone! You won’t be able to put it down. This has very hot sex, but not anything outlandish (vanilla most of the time with some hints of D/s), but so loving and emotional, that you’ll be hooked. I loved it so much, I bough the next book in the series immediately – and loved it just as much!

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