I Kissed a Boy – Addison Avery

Author: Addison Avery
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Word Count: 86,849
Published: 2010
Fictionwise: $6.00

It’s never a good thing when you finish a book and still can’t figure out where the title came from. But to be honest, that was the least of the issues for this story. Luckily, for my taste at least, neither of them were boys in this tale, but instead, they were child-hood friends who finally decided, somewhat randomly?, to take it a step further. The beginning was promising – one of them was coming home to finally take action on their desires. But after things became blurred during their first encounter, the tale just got strange.

Paul, the person who lived in Los Angeles, had some secrets – big ones, that only came to light when Adam moved to LA with Paul as a snap decision, fearful that he’d lose Paul forever – mind you, this was still during their initial encounter. Anyway, what unfolds was so jumpy, unrealistic, and quite frankly, WEIRD, that I’m still not really sure what happened. Think: a random love square (four people, like that play), but I am not sure whom loves who and all of the details.

The focus here was clearly creating as much hot steamy sex scenes as possible – m/f, m/m, m/m/m. The sex itself could probably have been hot since it took up most of the book, but it was so unclear what the relationships were, that the sex became distracting. In the end, I was rolling my eyes quite a bit, and finally, relieved when it was over.

Out of four…
Overall Read:
Sex Heat: ♥♥

I would not recommend this to anyone. It was way too confusing, even if all you want is hot sex. There were too many partners without any clearly defined roles, and then very end (last five pages), was SO ridiculous, that even if the rest of the book was ok, it destroyed any redeeming qualities.

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