Nowhere Ranch – Heidi Cullinan

Author: Heidi Cullinan
Publisher: Loose-Id, LLC
Word Count: 68,356
Published: 2011
Fictionwise: $6.99

After his family turned their back on him for being gay, Roe left his family’s farm and learned how to survive without creating strong connections or roots. That was until he arrived at the Nowhere Ranch. When Roe needed a break and needed sexual release, he drove to the nearest gay bar – three hours away, to find the owner of the ranch he’s working on, there too. Relationships are not his thing, so getting involved with his boss is a very bad idea, especially since he’s starting to fall in love with the ranch. But one night can’t hurt, right?

This was my favorite Cullinan book yet. It was a fantastic story with rich character development and a story line that was well thought out and surprising at times. The bond and relationship between Roe and the ranch owner, Travis, was realistic and deep. Their exploration together of their D/s relationship paralleled with each of them allowing themselves to open their hearts again, was powerful. There were bumps along the way, but each man found a way to come together and work things out.

The sex was HOT (or shall I saw H-A-W-T)! Several different sexual encounters, but each told a story of their blossoming relationship. Starting from strictly D/s with no strings attached – moving into a loving D/s relationship was exciting to read and engaging throughout. This is a recommended read for any cowboy fans, experienced m/m readers, or anyone who is looking for a unique love story within the D/s relationship.

Out of four…
Overall Read: ♥♥♥♥
Sex Heat: ♥♥♥♥
Plot: ♥♥♥

The only thing holding back from this getting a perfect score, is the ending. The last 10 pages or so was a bit of a let down. Don’t get me wrong, it ends up fantastic (and be sure to read it through the very end), but one part of the conclusion felt rushed and slightly out of character. But it doesn’t impact the overall story – just the ending impression.

Special Delivery – Heidi Cullinan

Special Delivery

Author: Heidi Cullinan
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Word Count: 106,986
Published: 2010
Fictionwise: $5.94

A trucker meets a very young and innocent, dare I say “perfect” submissive, during one of his cross-country trips in Iowa. The young boy, Sam, has experienced several recent setbacks and continues to try and make it in an un-gay friendly environment. When he meets Mitch by chance, he finally steps out of his comfort zone and starts living his own life – on his terms.

This story is well-written with great character development. You feel what Sam and Mitch feel, which is great, as the story is told from both points of view. You get inside their heads and want to yell at them when they make wrong choices, laugh with them at an inside joke, but most of all, you feel involved with their relationship.

There is SEX in this book… lots of it. Lots of detailed M/M sex, experimentation, Dominance/submission, and more. At some points, the sex dominants (no pun intended!) the story line, but just when you think you want to skip a few pages or put it down for a break, the plot picks back up.

Overall, this book is a good read – it takes place in a “new” environment than most books – on the road; is focused on the relationship between two regular guys, and takes you along the journey of Sam coming into his own person.

Out of four…
Overall Read: ♥♥♥
Sex Heat: ♥♥♥
Plot: ♥♥♥

Read this if you are looking for a longer story to get involved with (it’s a series too!), a different/unique setting, a coming of age novel of sorts, or just plain sex – lots of it, lots of ways. Can you say voyeurism too?

Other authors/books to try (and why you’ll like them):

If you  liked the first, the second brings back Sam and Mitch, and a new story forms. It’s a very different read, but another unique setting with the same characteristics that you’ll find in this one.

“Slow Bloom” is another long read, and the character development is very exciting to follow. There is sex, lots of hot sex in this, but also a great plot that you can dig into.