Comfort Food by Sierra Riley

31435566Author: Sierra Riley
Publisher: Sierra Riley
Word/Page Count: 198 pages epub
Published: August 19, 2016

Comfort Food is the perfect name for Riley’s newest book – it was filled with lovey goodness and a sense of being wrapped up on a GFY love story built around an interesting food-charity-based plot line. Martin is a mostly-reclusive guy, wealthy, without much ambition and scared of anything that could possibly go wrong. When he meets straight former rockstar chef-turned charity owner, Travis, he crushes hard… but can’t get out of his own head to deepen the connection. Thankfully for Martin, Travis is intrigued – and finds himself enjoying Martin’s company and feeling a sense of “comfort” and home with him.

Both characters in Comfort Food were well-developed, filled with unique quirks and their own personalities. I absolutely fell in love with Martin – even if I wanted to help him get his thoughts out into the open more often than not. But his quiet demeanor and approach to taking on the world, was sweet. His match with Travis seemed to work perfectly, even though at first it felt like it could be a disaster – opposites attracted here. With very little angst, the two were able to come together to battle a common “enemy” and create their own perfect happily ever after.

This is a great read for anyone who loves a romantic love story – especially if you’re new to m/m or well-read (like me) in the genre, and looking for an easy HEA read. This won’t disappoint!

Copy of the book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Out of five…
Overall Read: ♥♥♥♥
Sex Heat: ♥♥
Plot: ♥♥♥♥

The Burnt Toast B&B – Heidi Belleau & Rachel Haimowitz

BurntToastBBAuthor: Heidi Belleau & Rachel Haimowitz
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Word/Page Count: 176 pages epub
Published: January 2015

This is the latest installment from the Bluewater series – all (except for one) of the books in this series has been great, so I purchased this without reading the “about” section, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

This is the first book I’ve reviewed where one of the main characters identified as transgender. I have to say, this book was very well done – and took a situation which could seem a bit uncomfortable for people who do not read a lot of books outside of the gay man/gay man story line, and made it not only accessible but also engaging.

The main characters are a stunt double from the popular Wolf’s Landing and owner/operator of a B&B. It’s not an easy love story, but that’s what makes it so fantastic. They struggle. They search for answers. They have fun. They love each other.

I highly recommend this book to people who like a good love story, with bumps in the road, ups and downs, and a “reality” check. Also, if you haven’t ventured into books with a transgender character, start with this one. (You may need to google a few pronouns that come up…)

Out of four…
Overall Read: ♥♥♥♥
Sex Heat: ♥♥
Plot: ♥♥♥

Player vs. Player – Amelia C. Gormley

PlayervsPlayerAuthor: Amelia C. Gormley
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Word/Page Count: 215 pages epub
Published: December 2014

I was a bit hesitant at first to read this book – it sat in my “waiting to buy” queue for almost two months (which for me is ages). I am not a gamer, at all — but I’m glad I dove into the gaming world with this book.

This book is a murder-mystery book wrapped around the gaming world, trying to change culture through art, the love between brothers, and a love story. There was definitely a lot of references to gaming and gaming terms which had me clueless – people, for the love of Nancy, explain what you are saying in terms all readers understand.

That being said, it was a good read. I couldn’t put it down – trying to get to the bottom of the mystery, the “who done it” piece and seeing where the various story lines went.

The two main love interests had a few twists and turns (well done for keeping me guessing), and their story shined through the plot. The sex was a bit… odd. Maybe weirdly placed throughout the book, but tame. This is a great read for gamers (I think – I mean, you would probably understand the gaming parts), people who love a good mystery, and a love reconnection story.

Out of four…
Overall Read: ♥♥♥
Sex Heat: 
Plot: ♥♥♥♥

We Found Love – Kade Boehme & Allison Cassatta

We Found LoveAuthor: Kade Boehme & Allison Cassatta
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Word/Page Count: 204 pages epub
Published: January 2015

We Found Love is a different read than I normally go for, to be honest. I was interested to see how the story would unfold and what would “happen” to the two main characters.

Essentially, this is a love story that takes place in an unusual setting… in a mental hospital. Riley is a long-time resident who has essentially given up on moving past his history, when Hunter shows up as his unlikely roommate. From there, they have to figure out how to make it work for them, in an unusual setting and circumstances.

This was a very quick read, although overall, it had a few bumps. One thing that kept interrupting my reading flow was the use of acronyms and descriptions that were never explained. Also, it stayed pretty surface level throughout. It was set-up as a “deep” read, but it didn’t go deep with the many issues and opportunities they created to do just that. On the flip side, the characters were very well developed. They both had a backstory and they were easy to connect with.

Overall, it was a decent read, but not one that I’d recommend unless you are looking for a different setting than other m/m books out right now. It wasn’t bad, just not a great story missing some elements to make it awesome (deeper connection, working through their issues instead of glossing over them, and their relationship never felt like it made the jump past friendship).

Out of four…
Overall Read: 
Sex Heat: 
Plot: ♥♥

By the River – Katey Hawthorne

Author: Katey Hawthorne
Publisher: Loose ID
Word Count: 30,388 (72 pages epub)
Published: 2012

This was my first time reading Katey Hawthrone – and I’m glad I picked it up. The summary of the book was a bit mysterious – I couldn’t tell if I was going to get a shifter book or a love story from the description, so I did not have many expectations going in.

The story was about a hometown guy moving back home for no reason other than he was pulled back there. In fact, it seems like he’s lived his life and made decisions because they felt right – without ever looking into the reason behind them. On one of his runs he sees another man that he’s attracted to, and from then on, they are inseparable. Oh, and did I mention that the man lives on the river?

The read itself was intriguing, I kept wanting to see what was next and ended up reading it in one sitting (a very quick, short read). The attraction and pull between the main characters was very well-written. However… I am still unsure how/why/if there was a fantasy element in the book. It was never really explained and that was a bit… peculiar. In addition, this book practiced one of my biggest pet peeves – it ended in the MIDDLE of the story. I still have no idea why he was different, how it ends up, why the craziness is there, what happened to his mom, did they return, and so on. She cut the book way too short and kept me wondering (which is NOT a good thing once I get to the end).

The sex and heat, was good though – it was more about their connection than the actual act most of the time. In fact, I believe they only had “sex” once, but were active along the way. The characters seemed connected and very much into each other – and it was hard to look away!

Out of four…
Overall Read: ♥♥
Sex Heat: ♥♥♥

This is a quick read and HOT – vanilla sex for sure, but if you like a strong connection with a little bit of mystery, than this is a great read for you. It combines heat and sometimes graphically describes the actions, and other times hints at what’s going on. If you are able to look over the plot holes (and incomplete story), than I would recommend this.